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Red Light Therapy – Features, Uses, and Benefits

Red Light Therapy has been trending all over the world as the safest way for treating various skin conditions. Although some people are still skeptical about the use of red light for health, the recent reports have been nothing but in the favor of RLT.

Red Light Therapy – Features, Uses, and Benefits
Red Light Therapy – Features, Uses, and Benefits

RLT offers a simpler, safer, and easier way of dealing with various skin issues and it has been found to speed up the natural healing processes of the body.

You can go to salons or spas that offer RLT services. Since it is a relatively safe mode of therapy, you can get Red Light Therapy Devices for home use. You don’t need any kind of professional assistance for undergoing red light therapy.

Let’s take a closer look at Red Light Therapy and the features, benefits, and use it has to offer.

What is Red Light Therapy (RLT)?

Red Light Therapy is a form of treatment that uses light of low wavelength to treat various skin and health issues. The therapeutic benefits of this light are safe and create miraculous effects for the skin.

This form of therapy became popular because of its little to no side effects. The process uses light-emitting diodes that generate infrared light and heat which goes deep into the skin to cure different health issues.

RLT is red, thus the name of the treatment. This therapy is also known as the Low-Level Laser Therapy or the Low Power Laser Therapy.

How does RLT Work?

RLT is a therapy that exposes your skin cells to low levels of red light. The light gets absorbed in the mitochondria of the skin cells. This causes the cells to gain energy and become active. With more energy at their disposal, the cells activate the natural healing processes of the body and repair themselves as well as the muscle tissues.

What is RLT Used for?

Here are some of the most prominent red light therapy benefits that you need to know

For Treating Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain issues, Red Light Therapy can help you get rid of them. If you frequently find yourself suffering from muscle soreness and fatigue, then getting the best red light therapy devices for the home can help you deal with that. You can also go see a professional for RLT for better results. RLT is famous for its soothing and relaxing effects on the body.

For Treating Hair Loss

Hair loss is a massive issue in men as well as women. Although hair fall can happen because of genetic as well as environmental reasons, Red Light Therapy helps slow it down for you. Research shows that people who undergo RLT have stronger and thicker hair. This was quite a shocking benefit of RLT and now the therapy is being actively used to treat hair fall.

For Treating Wrinkles

RLT is especially useful in removing wrinkles and in helping to restore the natural beauty of the skin. The RLT does that by emitting light that goes deep into the skin and activates the cells and makes them work at their full potential. RLT is also useful in treating acne and scars.

For Treating Dementia

People with minor cases of dementia found their memory to be improved after undergoing RLT. It is unclear that how RLT works for dementia, but it does work. The effects of red light therapy for people suffering from dementia have made it a trending topic in the therapy world.

For Treating Osteoarthritis & Tendinitis

People suffering from osteoarthritis have reported a decrease in their pain by more than 50% with RLT. People who suffer from Achilles Tendinitis have also reported a considerable decrease in Their symptoms. These medical benefits of RLT are the primary reason why RLT is being recommended by specialists from all around the globe.

Use of Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common skin condition and can be treated by using Use of Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

Are there any Risks Associated with RLT?

If you are careful when using the RLT, then there won’t be any kind of risks with the use of this treatment. Red Light Therapy uses light with very low heath levels so there won’t be any kind of burns or rashes on your skin with this treatment.

The problem will happen if you overdo it. Make sure that you don’t expose your skin to RLT for a long period of time at once. You need to stay in the light as per the recommended time.

What Makes Some Red Light Therapy Devices Stronger than Others?

You can get red light therapy devices with different light emission ranges. Although most of these devices are fine for use at home, make sure you don’t get the one that has high light emission range. These devices are meant for professional use only and can create problems for your skin.

The levels of red light emitted by a device are what make it stronger than the others. If a device emits more light with greater heat levels, these devices are to be used by professionals to administer red light therapy to people suffering from severe health conditions.

How to use a Handheld Red Light Therapy Device at home?

Red Light Therapy devices come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are used by hanging them to a wall or a stand while others are handled. Handheld Red Light Therapy devices offer you better control over the way you administer Red Light on your skin.

Here is how you can use a handheld Red Light Therapy Device

  • Turn on the RLT device

  • Place it close to your skin

  • It is recommended that you keep it almost half of an inch above your skin

  • You can use the RLT device on your entire body

  • Place the handheld RLT device at one spot for a few seconds

  • Keep changing the position of the device to cover your entire body

You’ll start seeing the effects of the RLT in about 8 to 12 weeks. Since it is a risk-free method of treating skin issues, it’s going to take some time to work. You can use the treatment about 3 to 5 times per week and each session should last for about 15 minutes. You can also get your physician’s advice about it for better results.

Red Light Therapy Device “How Close to the Skin” should it be?

It depends on the wavelength of the red light therapy device you are using. For handheld devices, keep them as close to your skin as you can. It is recommended that you don’t go as high as about half of an inch. Keep the device under half an inch closer to the skin.

With bigger devices, you can use them by staying nearby to them. The professional RLT devices are quite powerful, and they work well over relatively large distances.

Final Words

The best thing about red light therapy is, it doesn’t have any kind of severe side effects. This treatment works even for people who have highly sensitive skin. From anti-aging to the freshness of the skin, there is a wide range of benefits that RLT has to offer. All the benefits and features that RLT has to offer, make it a must option for people suffering from chronic skin health issues.

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