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Red Light Therapy For Neuropathy - Best Treatment?

Why Red-Light Therapy is The Best Way to Treat Your Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a disease that affects your nerves and develops a sensation of weakness in your muscles, tingling, and sometimes can lead to arthritis if not treated properly. In most cases, it starts from your hand’s muscles and feet, and in some less frequent cases, it can affect other body parts as well.

What is Red-Light Therapy For Neuropathy?

There are a number of treatment options for this condition including, medication, physical therapy, surgery, and occupational therapy, etc. However, among these many treatments, the best and one of the most effective ones is the red light therapy for neuropathy.

It uses infra-red light, which gets absorbed by your muscles which in turn gets more active and relieves the pain and neuropathy symptoms.

red light therapy for neuropathy
red light therapy for neuropathy

Let’s discuss now, some of the major benefits of having red light therapy treatment instead of medication and other such options.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Light therapy neuropathy is completely non-invasive i.e., you do not have to go through any surgery or similar medical procedure to relieve your symptoms. This way you can treat your condition effectively and with low recovery time.

You can have this therapy and after a few days of rest and observation along with follow-up with your physician, you are back to normal.

Very Few Side Effects

There are virtually zero side effects of this treatment in more than 85 to 90% of the cases. Some people have reported mild headaches and a disturbance in their sleeping pattern but the number is very small and these effects can be reduced in no time with proper follow-up with your physician.

Neuropathy Light Therapy at Home

The amazing thing about neuropathy light therapy is that you can also do this at home. Many devices are available online and in pharmacies that have been approved by medical authorities to be used in your home.

You can buy one of these and carry out your therapy at home which saves up so much of your time and energy.

Convenient Schedule

For optimal results, you don’t have to have this therapy a number of times in a week. Most patients have seen significant improvements by only having light therapy for neuropathy 3 to 4 times a week for 2 to 3 months.

However, if you want rapid improvement in your painful condition, with the recommendation of your physician you can have red light therapy treatment more than the usual number of times in a week.

red light therapy for neuropathy
red light therapy for neuropathy

Improved Immune System

This treatment enhances your recovery rate and helps develop your immunity. This way you can treat your wounds quickly and heal from injuries in a shorter period of time than usual.

Red light therapy for neuropathy in feet has a shorter recovery period which helps you carry out your important tasks and live a normal life with just a few weeks of treatment.

Final Words

Red light therapy has proved time and again how much effective and useful it is in neuropathic patients. It is convenient and less time-consuming.

There is a lot of evidence that verifies red light therapy for neuropathy benefits in the treatment of neuropathy. Try out this treatment under the guidance of your physician and you will soon see a drastic improvement in your muscle issues for sure.

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