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Does Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks Work?

The positive effects of Red Light Therapy for treating various skin conditions are undeniable. It is the only proven non-toxic form of therapy that has the power to restore the natural beauty and freshness of your skin.

This therapy uses red light with a low-level wavelength to help repair damaged skin cells and makes your skin tone look even and rebutted.

The effects of red light therapy for stretch marks are specifically quite notable. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of light therapy on stretch marks on the skin.

Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common skin condition that can happen as an effect of aging as well as because of environmental effects. A stretch mark is almost like a scar that shows up on your skin when it either shrinks or stretches too quickly.

Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks
Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

This change in the skin causes the collagen to rupture and when it heals, the scars show up.

Red Light Therapy has proven to treat the stretch marks on the skin. Using infrared and visible red light on the skin, causes the stretch marks to disappear. The light works by softening the skin which causes it to become flat. The patient needs to undergo about 15 to 2o different sessions of RLT to see considerable effects on the stretch marks.

Red Light Therapy: Before & After Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks can make your skin look dull and wrinkly. You can go for other kinds of medications if you want to, but you won’t find a safer way than RLT to treat the stretch marks.

The patients who have gone through with Red Light Therapy for stretch marks have reported risk-free recovery, with no side effects at all.

Once you undergo the RLT, it increases the energy of your skin cells to speed up the natural healing of your body. With better healing response and strengthened immune system, the skin cells production increases which help treat the stretch marks.

Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Treating stretch marks is just one of the benefits of RLT. Since it is a relatively painless process with no side effects, you won’t have to face a lot of pain before or after the treatment. You might feel a little swelling or pain, but it won’t last for long.

Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks
Red Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

Using conventional medication on the other hand can put your body in a lot of pain. Red Light Therapy is your best option for dealing with all kinds of body pain issues.

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red Light Therapy has shown proven effects in terms of pain relief as well as treating various skincare issues. These are just some of the benefits that you get to enjoy with RLT.

The thing that makes this treatment stand out is the fact that it is safe and painless. If you stick to it for the recommended period, you’d get to enjoy its awesome healing effects.

For skincare issues, the RLT can help cure the fine lines and wrinkles of your skin. Its effects on collagen are also quite remarkable. The bottom line is, red light therapy does work, there is no question about it.

Blue Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

Blue Light Therapy does work for stretch marks, but its effects take a lot of time to appear. Red Light Therapy works on the surface of the skin, Blue Light goes deep into the skin and works at a much closer level to the body than the red light. So, if you have a severe condition of stretch marks, using blue light will work but you are going to need to stay patient. If you want to improve the surface of your skin faster, you can opt for red-light therapy.

RED Light Therapy for Stretch Marks: Potential Risks

Although the Red Light Therapy is mostly risk-free, there are still minor effects that you might have to face after the therapy. The severeness of these effects depends on the kind of skin that you have. If your skin is overly sensitive, the side effects would be more prominent.

Still, the side effects are completely bearable and won’t affect your routine at all.

Here are some of the side effects of RLT that you might feel after the therapy

  • Pain

  • Discoloration of Skin

  • Swelling on the treated area

  • Scarring and Crusting

  • Minor Burns

Wrapping Up

The effects of red-light therapy for treating stretch marks are quite prominent, there are no doubts about it. Whether you are suffering from mild or severe stretch marks on your skin, Red Light Therapy can help you deal with it without much hassle, given that you remain patient and stick with the therapy. Make sure to consider Red Light Therapy for treating Stretch Marks and other skin conditions.

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